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May 11, 2022

How old are the pyramids? Why were they built? Leave a comment below and let know what you think.
This walking tour of the Giza Pyramid Complex was filmed on Friday April 1st, 2022 starting at 1:23 at the Great Sphinx. After visiting the Sphinx, you will walk up the causeway to the Pyramid of Khafre and walk around all four sides. Next we will walk through the Western Cemetery over the Great Pyramid, the Pyramid of Khufu. After exploring the Eastern Cemetery, we will take a horse carriage ride to the Pyramid of Menkaure. For the best experience, be sure to turn on closed captions [CC] and wear headphones 🎧 as you watch this tour.

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🌎Complete List of Walks: 🌎
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0:00 Intro and Map
8:36 Great Sphinx
17:40 Khafre Causeway
28:19 Khafre Mortuary Temple
32:28 Pyramid of Khafre
41:01 Back side of Khafre Pyramid
47:26 Hieroglyphs and Tomb
56:20 Western Cemetery
1:03:30 Pyramid of Khufu
1:06:40 Climbing the Great Pyramid
1:13:08 Boat Pits
1:24:54 Khufu Mortuary Temple
1:28:07 Mastaba of Qar (G 7101)
1:29:57 Pyramids of the Queens
1:33:30 Eastern Cemetery
1:47:28 Horse Ride to Pyramid of Menkaure
1:56:16 Pyramid of Menkaure
2:01:35 Mortuary Temple of Menkaure
2:11:00 Pyramid Viewpoint
2:15:40 Pyramids of the Queens
2:21:54 Pyramid of Khafre
2:27:03 Khafre Causeway
2:37:12 Wall of the Crow
2:38:07 Streets outside the Pyramids

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🎬Gimbal2: DJI Ronin S2
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