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March 11, 2022

Xin chào and Welcome to this aerial drone footage of Da Nang, city of Vietnam, in 4K UHD resolution! Da Nang, Vietnam 4K ULTRA HD 60 FPS Collection of Drone & Aerial Footage

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This video was created for educational, entertainment, and informative purposes.

To Make this video in 4K UHD whole footage was Re-edited, Colour corrected by. The result is a more realistic and natural image with richer colors.

To watch this video in real HDR, you should use a 4K Television set. If you have a HDR TV, you'll find your TV automatically switches to an HDR mode when playing HDR content. If not, switch the TV to HDR manually. Also, the latest smartphones can play HDR videos.This technology improves video image quality by expanding the contrast ratio and color range.

❌ Do not copy and re-upload this video footage ❌

Copyright information:-
➡ All The Footage Used In The Video Is Licensed.
➡ All Music used in The Video is Licensed.
➡ Video Footage Copyright Under Standard License.
➡ We Use Paid Footage & Music in The channel.
➡ Whole Footage was Re-edited, Colour corrected by.

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