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image  1 Barcelona Spain 🇪🇸 Travel | Hotels | Food | Tips
August 12, 2022

💡 The house Mila was built by the architect Antoni Gaudi from 1906 to 1910 for the Mila family in Barcelona. It is located in Passeig de Gracia No. 92, at the intersection with Carrer de Provenca. Gaudi pioneered this building. Its well thought-out natural ventilation made air conditioning systems unnecessary, the walls in every apartment can be changed individually, and there was also an underground car park. However, the lifts already planned in Gaudi's design were installed much later. The building is a concrete-iron construction with supporting columns without supporting walls and retaining walls. The wrought iron balcony grilles are improvised unique pieces by Josep Maria Jujol, who also worked with Gaudi in other projects.🏷 Have you ever been there? Tell us below! 👇📸: #espana #espana #casamila #traveling #travelinggram #travelling #travellingtheworld
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